American Growth Funds Looking for Canadian Investment Opportunities
October 13, 2010

October 13, 2010

American Growth Funds Looking for Canadian Investment Opportunities: A New Source of Funding for Canadian companies

A one hour Teleforum sponsored by CATAAlliance will take place on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. EST. Pre Register now as space is limited.

RLB and Associates, a consultant to 30 private equity investors in the United States, will provide information about the kinds of companies they are looking for, and how to apply, in a one-hour TeleForum for interested participants. The investors represent a significant capital pool to invest $10-million or more in appropriate growing companies.

"Strategic access to capital is crucial in our current challenging economic times," said TeleForum speaker Ron Boucher, President of RLB and Associates. "Growth Funds -- as distinct from VC funds -- tend to be alliances that provide not only capital, but also strategic access to distribution channels, partners and 'next level' opportunities. The funds are long-term investors bringing strategic resources for growth.

"Our equity partners are interested in investing in Canadian companies because they see them as having superior products and services, top notch management, and as needing directed access to the U.S. market."

RLB and Associates is a "finder' organization that introduces companies that satisfy the requirements of the investors. The private equity funds are seeking companies with growth potential and expect to invest $10-million and up per company.

General Characteristics of targeted companies :
  • Profitable and growing for at least prior three years.
  • The product or service is of superior technology or strategy relative to the competition, and significant barriers to other entries.
  • Product or service is mission critical to clients, evidence of superior client service, and reasonably diversified client base and client loyalty.
  • Present revenue of $10 m. or more, and EBITDA of at least $2 million, with substantial gross margins
  • Company seeks capital and a strategic partnership for further growth.
  • High quality management that will remain to direct growth.
  • Open to a substantial equity investment, and possibly $50-million+ in certain instances.
Specific Economic Sectors and Activity Sought:
  • Niche manufacturing
  • Business Services
  • Consumer products
  • Environmental products and services, including waste management
  • Health services and medical products
  • Financial services, including factoring
  • Software, especially business services
  • Aero manufacturing components
  • Corrugated boxes and packaging
  • Third party logistics, and distributors of industrial equipment
  • Cable head end equipment and electronics refurbishing and reverse logistics
  • Career education centers
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Special international opportunities
Next Steps
Following the TeleForum, interested companies are asked to send a two-page Expression of Interest document to CATA

Ron Boucher holds two degrees from the University of Notre Dame. He is a CPA with extensive investment experience. RLB has been active in cross-border intermediary services for more than a decade, and brings an extensive network in the US, Canada, London and Paris, and Latin America. The most recent completed activity resulted in a partnership to bring superior modular homes from the US to Chile.

Anthony Codrington brings over 20 years of business development, marketing and sales expertise to leading companies seeking expansion and partnership opportunities. He is the president of Symposium Business Management Inc. (SBM) which assists industry leader's public and non public companies requiring exposure to communities within North America, Europe, Emirates, and Asia. Mr. Codrington strongly believes that shared goals, mutual trust, open communications and long-term commitment are critical practices in achieving successful partnerships.

Who should attend?
Anyone company seeking equity capital, acquiring cash or increasing business growth within a firm meeting the above characteristics.

++ Action Item: How do I sign up?

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