CISC2011: Defend Against Espionage
October 13, 2011

Dear CATA Supporters, 

I wanted to take the time to introduce you to a very unique networking event  CISC2011: Defend Against Espionage.  Register today and save up to $220 (Discount code:  frontline).


Did you know:

FACT:  Most espionage involves theft from those with valid access to the information stolen!

This is NOT just another security conference! 

CISC2011 is unique event bringing together some of the top people in the Intelligence Community to discuss issues of corporate espionage.  Come learn from actual “spies” the tools and techniques your competitors may be using to access your valuable data!

Unique sessions include: 

SEXpionage: Who is sleeping with  your IP? This timely discussion will explore the issues and threats posed by sex to your IP.  What really happened at the Conference in Vegas?... More info . . .

Dinner Keynote - Eric O’Neill is an ex-FBI Spy Catcher who was the inspiration behind the Hollywood thriller “Breach”.  Eric helped capture the most notorious spy in US history, Robert Hanssen.  Come learn how you can protect yourself from insidious insider thefts of IP. More info . . .

“Eric O’Neill is an enthralling speaker who brings to life the realities of espionage and what it means to the average business. He painted a picture that was both enticing and terrifying based upon his experience at the FBI.”

-- CSO Magazine

DND SECRET Level Briefing: Canadian Forces - Counter Intelligence Unit - will provide a classified briefing (level SECRET). This has never been done in a civilian conference! Relevant and timely case studies will be presented, which demonstrate the level and type of espionage activities in Canada.  Space is LIMITED!  MUST HAVE GOV”T ISSUED SECURITY CLERANACE of SECRET or ABOVE   More info . . .

Media Partnership: FREE listing in the Frontline security directory, as well as Up to50% off ad space in Frontline Security Magazine the most prestigious, and widely read, security industry magazines in Canada! Readership exceeding 100,000 people

Gov’t Sales - Exclusive Gov’t/Vendor Wine & Cheese Come interact with Gov’t DSO’s and other Gov’t purchasing influencers.  If you have a  Gov’t strategy for your product/services, this is a must attend event. Gov’t employees and Vendors ONLY.   More info . . .

 Tour – Casino Security Operations Center  take a RARE glimpse behind the security veil, in one of the most regulated and monitored industries.  LIMITED space.

 Showcase your product/service to this unique audience.  Become a thought leader!  Limited space still available for sponsors/exhibitors More info . . .

 Altogether, over 40 Speakers, several never before seen in Canada:

       ISP/CISD (PWGSC) Director

       Ex-NSA Officer

       Former KGB Officer

       Several EX-CSIS Officers

       Top Chinese Spy who defected to CIA

       Ex-Director of Israeli Security Agency

       Fortune 500 Security

 Register today and save up to $220 (Discount code:  frontline).