i-CANADA Responds to Industry Minister Paradis: Uses of Advanced Technology by Small-scale, Entrepreneurial Organizations
October 14, 2011


i-CANADA and its parent organization the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance), Canada’s largest high-tech organization, were challenged on September 16th to present examples of the use of advanced technology by small-scale, entrepreneurial organizations that typically are not noted for their use of advanced technology.  The request was made in order to help the Minister advance the Department's Innovation programs.

Our goals were to:

       ++ Obtain examples of the use of advanced technology to target support to similar organizations and areas;

       ++ Bring the sample companies into further conversations with the Ministry, for additional insights; and,

       ++ Set up an enriched information hub that will act as an access enabler for companies that may want to get involved with the Minister’s program.


CATAAlliance  sent out a call for examples 12 hours after receiving the request for help.  Responses have come in  steadily, resulting in a on-line Report as of October 15, 2011.


Ø      Technology is being used creatively by Canadian SMEs in a variety of sectors;

Ø      Benefits from the use of technology include increasing profitability, enhancing market share, achieving faster business processes, and creating new products and services; and

Ø      Almost every region of the country reported an example

The Full Report can be viewed at this URL: