Major Industry Group calls for elected government to consolidate current Minister of State (Science & Technology) & Minister of Industry positions into Minister of Science, Technology & Business Innovation
October 16, 2015

“Newly refocused department would send a message that the federal government is serious about making business innovation the keystone of its economic policies.”

Ottawa, On...CATAAlliance ( a recognized champion of Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship has issued a call today for the elected Liberal government to consolidate the Minister of State (Science and Technology) and Minister of Industry into a Minister of Science, Technology and Business Innovation.

CATA CEO, John Reid, said, “ The bottom line in advancing this recommendation for a new ministerial position is to provide the necessary leadership for improving Canada’s business innovation performance and this must begin at the political level.”

Reid added, “A newly refocused department would send a message that the federal government is serious about making business innovation one of the keystones of its economic policies.The New Minister would have a shared responsibility with Finance’s economic development portfolio in order to assure proper evaluation, integration and evolution of mandates. Key investment criteria and evaluation criteria should include the demonstrable potential of  the investment instruments  to promote the growth of Canadian business for the full potential of the Canadian economy."

Last week  CATAAlliance released a White Paper  on Canada's Innovation leadership: Others do better as part of its Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign that aims at moving Canada to number one ranking in innovation and competitiveness. Canada's rankings lag behind many other nations and much has been proposed to reverse this trend.

The White Paper research was combined with a Video Sharing Channel for Advocacy Leadership where community leaders were challenged to present their best guidance. Please view our recent interview with Peter Morand, National Commentator for CATAAlliance, former Dean of Science and Engineering at the University of Ottawa and past President, NSERC. Mr. Morand makes the case for a new ministerial position:

TechNOW Video (3 minutes): Peter Morand, National Commentator, CATAAlliance
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Reid, concluded, “Our present system of government is flexible enough to adopt this recommendation quickly. The challenge would be to appoint a highly qualified and credible person to this new ministerial position. Such an appointee could then restructure the Department of Industry into an arm of government that focuses on business innovation as one of the keys to advancing Canada’s lagging competitive innovation nation performance.”

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