Canada’s CrowdFunding Social Media Group & National Voice: Important Call to Add your name to the CrowdFunding Group to Help Advance Advocacy
October 18, 2012

CATAAlliance Communique & Call to Action

Attn: Executives with interests in CrowdFunding & Venture Capital Formation
From: CATA CEO, John Reid

Re: Canada’s CrowdFunding Social Media Group: Add your name to the Group

Dear Community Executives

CATA (ICC Division) has partnered with the largest Global CrowdFounding Professional Association (CfPA) to ensure all Canadian sectors are represented in our advocacy to legalize CrowdFunding in Canada.

In order to advance this advocacy, we are asking executives to join our moderated CrowdFunding Group, where you will be able to create peer relationships, exchange views, provide advocacy guidance and access research papers.

ICC.CfPA has over 100 volunteers, coast to cost, supporting innovation and change for all Canadians. We have created a rich Research Repository of CrowdFunding White Papers, Surveys and Media coverage. Our advocacy teams and experts are in place in the provinces to encourage a change to regulations, including a call for federal complimentary programs supportive of venture capital formation.

++ Your Action: Please join Canada’s CrowdFunding Voice at this URL:

and then circulate this communiqué to your colleagues, asking them to engage in helping us advance CrowdFunding in Canada.

We appreciate your support.

John Reid, CATA CEO