The Digital Adoption Campaign for Canada now Launched: View Video Insights from Thought Leaders & Add Your Voice: Updated
April 4, 2014

Accelerating Digital Adoption in Canada: Quo Vadis?

Digital platforms create the opportunity to offer new services domestically and abroad, and if fully adopted by Canadian enterprises can result in the creation of jobs, increased efficiency, cost reduction, revenue generation and faster innovation.

Contact: Cathi Malette at or 613-236-6550

Ottawa, ON… A new Digital Adoption Campaign led by CATAAlliance, Canada’s largest high tech association, and the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), a leading centre of expertise in digital economy research, labour market intelligence and policy development, will help create jobs, increase efficiency, reduce costs, generate revenue and lead to faster innovation.

The joint Campaign will address low uptake of mobile and other innovative technologies by Canadian enterprises by:

  • Raising awareness of the benefits and importance of adoption these technologies through widely disseminated leadership interviews;
  • Determining the right set of public policies to boost digital technology adoption with recommendations for enterprises and policy-makers to capitalize on opportunities and minimize costs and risks; and,
  • Developing community-based pilot projects to help share best practices across all sectors of the economy.

The Campaign is being championed by CATA CEO John Reid and ICTC CEO Namir Anani who are joining forces to advance the Campaign with combined research resources, peer contacts and partners and communication technologies.

According to Reid and Anani, "The Digital Adoption Campaign will seek to accelerate the rate at which organizations adopt digital technology as well as help address the need for building requisite digital skill to foster adoption."

The Campaign forms an integral part of the industry's competitive Innovation Nation program under the tutelage of Canada's leading entrepreneur, Sir Terence Matthews. It lays out what we must do as a nation to move us from a 13th place ranking to first place in innovation rankings.

Canada’s Starting Point: Laggard

A recent research report by ICTC demonstrated that many Canadian enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized ones, have not moved their use of mobile much beyond e-mail or surfing. Pointedly, they have failed to adopt more advanced mobile capabilities such as e-commerce, inventory and supply chain management, remote diagnostics and monitoring, and other operational areas, that, if adopted could significantly contribute to improving the Canada’s productivity and innovation performance.

Regarding Canada’s digital literacy ranking, a new OECD Report ranked Canada’s percentage of workers in skilled occupations in Canada twelfth out of 18 countries surveyed. Canada is lagging in developing key cognitive and workplace skills needed for individuals to participate in society and for economies to prosper.

Reid and Anani said, "it is imperative that we address our declining innovation metrics in order to realize future economic gains. Consider that a one percent increase in enterprise mobile technology adoption translates into a $2.5 billion contribution to the economy."

They added, "We already employ 410,000 Canadians because of mobile technology adoption with the potential of creating 40,000 new jobs in critical occupations by 2017."

Reid and Anani concluded, "digital platforms create the opportunity to offer new services domestically and abroad. If fully adopted, Canadian enterprises would benefit from higher job creation, increased efficiency, reduced costs, new revenue generation and faster innovation."

++ Action Items
Community Mobilization

Please send electronically and/or print out and fax the Digital Adoption Campaign communiqué and follow up with a phone call to your local MP, media and network of contacts, inclusive of posting on your social media. And then take one minute to Have Your Say to all MPs across Canada.

Thought Leadership: Video & Digital Radio Interviews

Please visit this section of our communique to view a library of live ON AIR video interviews and digitally recorded videos we are conducting with thought leaders, each offering specific insights in advancing digital adoption in Canada. And if you have ideas for accelerating digital adoption in Canada, then email CATA CEO John Reid at 

View our first video interview with Namir Anani, President & CEO of the ICTC Council as he provides a perspective on Canada's digital adoption challenges and then points to several areas for engagement and action by the public and private sectors. Direct URL:

View our second ON AIR live interview with Damon Ramsey, MD and founder of who calls for accelerating the development and deployment of digital technologies to improve the delivery of heathcare services to our citizens. Direct URL:

View our third ON AIR live interview from Moscow with  William (Bill) Hutchison, Chair, i-CANADA and member CATA Leadership Council, a veteran innovator and business leader talks about the ingredients for accelerating the adoption of digital technologies by Canadian communities. 

View our fourth video interview with David Large, Vice President of University Advancement and Dean of Sandermoen School of Business at the University of Fredericton will talk about the evolution and trends of on-line teaching technology and how  lifelong professional development will help address the digital skills gap.

View our fifth ON AIR live interview with Julie King, Co-Founder & President of the Biz-Zone Internet Group who talks how tech adoption can be accelerated in the SME sectors.

View our sixth ON AIR live interview with Kim Adolphe, President & CEO, Gemini Performance Solutions & member, CanWIT (Women in Tech) Advisory Board  provides us with insights into digital technology adoption in Canada.  

View our seventh ON AIR live interview with Glenn O'Farrell, President & CEO, Group Media TFO as he discusses the critical role of content in advancing our digital adoption metrics.

View our eighth video interview with  Russ Roberts, CATA’s Sr. VP of Advocacy who provides insights into desirable changes to Canada’s business climate in order to spur the adoption of digital technologies.

View our  ninth ON AIR live interview with Al McCully, General Manager Development Services, Parkland County, now on the list of Smart 21 Intelligent Communities, who explains how his community achieved its success.

View our tenth ON AIR interview  with Josh Blair,  Executive VP,  Human Resources & Chief Corporate Officer, TELUS, as he offer ideas on how to accelerate digital adoption in Canada through a mobile workforce.

View our eleventh video interview  with Micheál J. Kelly, Dean, School of Business & Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University and member CATA Leadership Council, will what it will take to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies by Canadian enterprises, particularly in the area of growing leadership talent.

View our twelfth ON AIR live interview with Gary Davenport, VP, IT at MTS Allstream and Chair, CIO Association of Canada, will summarize a CIO view of accelerating technology adoption.

View our thirteenth ON AIR live interview with Lidia Divry, Executive Director, TechnoMontreal, who explains how Montreal Metropolitan achieved its Smart 21 Intelligent community ranking.

View our fourteenth video interview with Shawn Cruise, member, CATA Leadership Council and VP, Adobe as he offers ideas on how to accelerate digital adoption with a focus on mobilized content.

View our fifteenth ON AIR live interview with Joshua Landry, MD & Co-Founder of Figure 1, who after talking about the challenges of taking his product to market, gives us insights into how social media is impacting health care.

View our sixteenth ON AIR live interview with Kristina Verner, Executive Director, Toronto Waterfront, now a Top 7 Intelligent Community, who explains how Toronto achieved this top ranking.

View our eighteen video interview with Meg Beckel, President & CEO, Canadian Museum of Nature, who shares some insightful observation on the challenges of digital adoption.

View our nineteenth video interview with Allan Mayo, UK lead for smart cities, who shares his views on why the U.K. is focussing adopting a Smart Cities strategy.

View our twentieth ON AIR live interview with Dan Pontefract, Chief Envisioner, TELUS, who provides insights into the importance of organizational culture to accelerating digital adoption.

View our twenty first interview with Steven Woodward, CEO,  Cloud-Perspectives as he provides insights into Canada's lagging Cloud First digital adoption.

Who's next:

Victoria Lennox, Co-Founder & CEO, StartUp CANADA, will provide a Y generation view of technology adoption in Canada.

Mike Pascoe, President & CEO, Magor Corporation, a veteran Canadian entrepreneur, will share his insights on what we need to do to accelerate technology adoption.

Brad Jackson, VP, Sales & Marketing, Global Communication, Celestica, will speak to new models for accelerating technology adoption in Canada.

Meg Beckel
, President & CEO, Canadian Museum of Nature will reveal her insights into how to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies by Canadian organizations.

Tony Krueck, VP, Business Services & Products, TELUS, will describe some new models for accelerating the adoption of digital technologies, as part of the Innovate Alberta mandate.

John Cousens, Vice President, Public Sector Canada and member CATA Leadership Council at will relate Cloud Computing solutions to accelerating the adoption of digital technologies.

Noam Tomczak, Chief Operating Officer, Iotum, will offer his Y generation views on what it takes to advance the adoption of digital technologies in Canada's SME sector.

Fawn Annan, President and Group Publisher, IT World, will offer her digital adoption perspective, gleaned, in part from her IT World readership.

The series of video exchanges will culminate in a policy document outlining facts and solutions for accelerating technology adoption in Canada.
Watch for regular updates; executives from across the country are now expressing interest in the Digital Adoption Campaign.

We will also be sending shortly details of a TeleForum Conference Call to discuss the Digital Adoption Campaign, provide updates and offer a Q&A with industry experts.