What it takes for Canada to survive and thrive as a nation of intelligent communities: Fredericton’s Mayor Brad Woodside Speaks Out: Innovation Leadership
October 26, 2012

Please take three minutes to View the Video of Fredericton’s Mayor Brad Woodside as he talks about what it takes for Canada to survive and thrive as a nation of intelligent communities. Mr. Woodside gives us insights into how Fredericton was the first city in Canada to offer free WiFi service to citizens though its e-Novations initiative. One of e-Novation’s goals is bring the newest technologies in the world to Fredericton.

The Mayor stresses that competition between our communities is destructive. We need to band together, and act as regions to build the infrastructure and applications Canadians need in order to compete globally.

Mayor Woodside’s Leadership Profile

Bradley Stanford Woodside (born October 9, 1948 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada) in Fredericton and is currently the mayor of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Woodside is presently also serving as the 2nd Vice-President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. First elected as a councillor in 1981, he also served as deputy mayor. In 1986, Woodside was elected Mayor of Fredericton and is now serving his eighth term which makes him the longest serving mayor of Fredericton.[2]

As Mayor, Woodside can count a range of accomplishments, including promoting IT in Fredericton, and the development of information technology infrastructure such as the Fred eZone wireless zone. His tenure as mayor has also seen the promotion of music festivals in Fredericton including the Harvest and Blues Jazz Festival, the Country Music Festival, and FredRock. While infill development and sustainability have been priorities of his tenure as mayor, he has also faced controversy over sprawling box-store development in the university woods, a previously protected wooded area.

Woodside received an honourary doctor of laws degree from St. Thomas University in 2011. Eleven professors at the small liberal arts university protested, in part because of his refusal to proclaim Pride Weekend in the 1990s.[3]

He is married to the former Anne Elizabeth Sneyd, and have two children (Michael and Carrie) together. He also had three children from previous relationships: Angela, Ryan, Troy, as well as several grandchildren.

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