New SubGroup on HPC (High Performance Computing) formed to help advance market research & advocacy on HPC driven innovation & competitiveness: Please join today
October 27, 2011

Dear Social Media Members

You will see that we have created a subgroup for HPC (High Performance Computing) as part of CATA’s expanded market research & advocacy programs.

We invite all interested members to join and invite their peers with an interest in HPC. Please go to:

Captioned below is the essence of the work we are doing in the HPC field.

“To be competitive on a global scale, Canadian enterprises need to supercharge their business and R&D processes with supercomputing. Initiatives are being launched in the US and other nations to encourage greater HPC adoption by small and medium sized enterprises; this HPC study will create a foundation of solid data from which to design initiatives tailored to the needs of Canadian business.”

We fortunate to have Ron Van Holst, as our principal consultant for HPC. Ron has joined the CATA Team as an Executive in Residence. He has more than 25 years experience in areas of research into Canadian commercial adoption of High Performance Computing technology as a driver for competitiveness and innovation.

Best regards,
John Reid, CATA CEO