Call to complete the HPC (High Performance Computing) Survey: new study to provide keys to boosting the Canadian Commercial Adoption of High Performance Computing (HPC): Respond today
November 2, 2011

Please participate in this study if you can speak to the business value of computing. We are asking that you provide your guidance by completing the online HPC Survey today. Time required is 10 minutes.

Mathew Wilson, VP, National Policy at CME aptly sums up the importance of this initiative, “Supercomputers are relatively unknown in many business sectors today in Canada but their potential to increase productivity is enormous." 

Our goal is to evaluate the business values of High Performance Computing (HPC aka Supercomputing) to Canadian industry. HPC is found in an increasing number of commercial endeavours including animation, finance, manufacturing, medicine, natural resources and many more. Most HPC experts agree that Canadian adoption of supercomputing lags other nations, thus this research will also explore barriers to the adoption of HPC technology.

Canadian enterprises need to supercharge their business and R&D processes with supercomputing. Initiatives are being launched in competitor economies to encourage greater HPC adoption by small and medium sized enterprises; if similar initiatives are not developed for Canada, we'll be left behind.

++ ACTION ITEMyour participation is important, please complete the online survey . Time required is 10 minutes.
CATA’s Executive in Residence, Ron Van Holst  is also available to answer any HPC questions that you may have.

This HPC study will create a foundation of solid data from which to design initiatives together with the research partners tailored to the needs of Canadian business.

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