Shared Service Canada, Critical Update on November 19th from the desk of John Cousens, Forum Chair
November 5, 2012

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  • Group: Shared Services Canada (SSC) Forum
  • Subject: Announcement from Shared Services Canada (SSC) Forum: Important Teleforum Update

Dear members

Our Shared Services Canada (SSC) Forum was created for executives to access briefing materials, share information and provide guidance on matters relating to the mission, mandate and operations of Shared Services Canada (SSC).

Please note the details of our next critical update (November 19th): 

If you have any specific issues, questions or areas of concern that you would like addressed on the Teleforum, then please contact CATA CEO, John Reid at and we can incorporate into our briefings.

We are also available for private briefings on any matter that might not be appropriate for an open forum. If needed, we will draw on our executive team of experts to assist.

Best regards,

John Cousens, Forum Chair 

Ps Join the SSC Conversation at this URL: