Explore market and partnership opportunities in Japan
November 07, 2006

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) www.cata.ca and the Ottawa Centre for Research and Innovation www.ocri.ca have joined forces to explore market and partnership opportunities in Japan.

The intent of this collaboration is to attract engineering and computer science professionals from Japanese firms to register in Carleton University's Technology Innovation Management program (TIM) and work in their Master's project while in Canada. The technology project would be carried out while at a Canadian company.

To qualify, firms must:

  • Develop technology-based products/services
  • Be willing to host a Japanese student who is completing their Master of Engineering in the Technology Innovation Management program
  • Be willing to engage with one or more Japanese firms
  • Demonstrate applicability of their proposed research initiative to program outcomes

If your organization meets with the criteria above, please click here to register your interest by completing a very brief online form.

Please respond by November 31, 2006.

For more information contact:
Mike Jia at mikejia@cata.ca

About the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program
TIM is a unique Master's program offered by Carleton University's Department of Systems and Computer Engineering. The program trains engineers and computer scientists to become effective managers of the engineering processes that deliver innovative technology based systems, products, and services. The program focuses on research in the synthesis between engineering technology and management of engineering processes and the results provide useful contributions to the management of engineering processes in technology based industries.