SR&ED Advocacy Campaign - Update
November 08, 2006

"The SR&ED program is the federal government's primary mechanism for encouraging innovation by Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Over $2 billion of tax credits are claimed each year."

We are pleased to report that CATA has finalized a 35 page Report based on extensive consultations (e.g., Roundtables, on-line Survey, interviews) with SR&ED claimants on how the program could be improved and the priorities for doing so.

The Report is the basis for a multi faceted SR&ED Advocacy Campaign (now underway) focusing on fundamental structural improvements that could be made to legislation in order to make the program a better economic tool for promoting innovation by Canadian businesses and legislative refinements that could improve the effectiveness of the current program.

Specific topics and themes covered include:

  • Refund ability: the availability of the "refundable" tax credits to a business in the form of cash refunds;
  • Scope: the range of activities and costs considered eligible in an SR&ED project;
  • Improving the legislation and policies, and associated administrative practices of CRA:
  • Interpretive issues related to the complexity of the legislation and associated policies;
  • The impact of CRA's administrative practices on the effectiveness of the SR&ED program, i.e., the effective delivery of the incentives to those who are entitled to them.

We wish to thank all members of the CATAAlliance who provided their inputs, as well as the following partnering associations who encouraged their members to complete the on-line questionnaire: CCPA - Canadian Chemical Producers' Association, CVMA - Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers' Association, FPAC - Forest Products Association of Canada, AIAC - Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, NAAA - North American Automotive Association and ADRIQ - Association de la recherche industrielle du Québec.

++ Call to Action

Please contact CATA President John Reid at for a copy of the Report and to also engage with CATA in advancing the Campaign. We will be calling on members to meet with local MPs and media as part of the educational process.

Yours sincerely,

Russ Roberts
Senior Director, CATAAlliance and Deloitte and Touche,

John Reid
President, CATAAlliance