CanWIT National ‘Ask the Expert’ Webinar on the CIO Profile - Recording and Presentation Now Available!
November 12, 2012

CIO Profile with Susan Doniz, CIO, AIMIA: How to make a successful career as a CIO (and what every Business Leader needs to know about IT)!

What does it take to become a CIO in today's fast-paced IT world? Listen to CanWIT’s ‘Ask the Expert‘ host, Anne Raymond, Productivity Coach and Leadership Mentor at Xtreme, as she moderates this insightful and interactive session with special guest, Susan Doniz, CIO, AIMIA. Susan shares her journey and provides insight into what it takes to create a successful career as a CIO. You will learn about her career that has taken her around the globe and some of the business drivers in the IT world (and how to leverage them to transform your business). She'll also share her success tips on networking, work-life balance, and what it takes to lead in a global world. Whether you are on the path to becoming a CIO or you want to work smarter as a leader with your IT group, enjoy the conversation and find out more!

About Susan Doniz - CIO, AIMIA

As part of the executive team of AIMIA, Susan fills the new role of Global Chief Information Officer, responsible for defining the global internal and external Information & Technology Strategy to deliver innovation and growth across and within regions. Prior to AIMIA, Susan was CIO and a Global Shared Services leader of Procter & Gamble Canada, where she led a global transformational strategy to digitize P&G from Concept Creation to Shopper Purchase -- a top global priority to make P&G a faster, simpler and more agile organization for over 135,000 employees in over 80 countries.

As well as the CIOCAN National Board, Susan serves on the Centre of Outsourcing &Research(CORE), Wilfred Laurier Industry Advisory Committee, Engineers without Borders, and the Salvation Army National Board. She also created an industry-wide initiative to match CIOs with talented women in technology aimed at increasing women retention and performance in technology.

About Anne Raymond - Productivity Coach and Leadership Mentor, Xtreme

Anne Raymond is founder of, a company devoted to supporting high-achievers to focus their time on strategic impact and business results by multiplying their time, playing to their strengths, empowering their teams, and creating systems for sustainability. Anne provides coaching programs, Mastermind groups, and workshops for executives and leadership talent to support their focus on performance, strategy and innovation making themselves and their companies more competitive.

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