The Perils and Profits of Global Supply Chains
November 14, 2006

Ottawa, November 14, 2006 -- Speeding up your Supply Chains 'metabolism' is the key to higher revenues and more market share, according to a survey of CEOs attending a leadership summit later this month.

The executives were interviewed by Taimour Zaman, Partner of the Access Group, which is working with the Schulich Executive School, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance and the Supply Chain Logistic Association on the November 27th roundtable summit. The summit will allow 150 executives to exchange insights on key findings regarding Supply Chain operations and issues.

"The bottom line is that in today's flat world, if you treat global firms as competitors you will lose. If you treat them as partners in your business processes, you will win," said Mr. Zaman.

The CEOs noted that creating a good Supply Chain depends on cooperation between two groups:

  • The 'business process experts' who know about issues such as outsourcing, insourcing, and integration, such as CGI, Quartet Service, and KPMG

  • The 'prime partners' who are the links in the Supply Chain, such as these selected confirmed roundtable guests: VP Technology & Industrial OPS, Alcatel; CIO, M&M Meat Shop; CIO, Smart Systems; CFO, CFM; CIO, Cott Corporation; Chief Privacy Officer Eli Lilly; GM Regional Business Office, Americas Region Celestica; Supply Chain Director, Celestica; Director of Supply Chain Operations, Canadian Military; Associate Director - Strategic Sourcing, Bell Canada; and Vice President, and Supply Chain, SunOpta Inc.

Risks, Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

"Access Group data suggests that because the existing Canadian workforce is aging, new pressures will emerge that push companies more quickly into outsourcing and partnerships," said Mr. Zaman. He identified the challenges for the expert community as:

  • Understanding the challenges/costs in "in- sourcing"; and
  • Educating customers on the benefits and risks in outsourcing

Access Group research suggests the increased competition will cause organizations to conduct frequent health checks to their existing supply chain strategies. These ongoing activities will force experts to demonstrate value on an ongoing basis. However, the challenge for the expert community is that most existing agreements between industrial organizations and technology/consulting firms, are based on 'price' and not based on 'value'. For experts who want to remain competitive and gain market share, they will need to take a different approach to their 'go to market' strategies, while focusing on multiple touch points and be able to help clients better understand the risks and challenges ahead.

Finally, in creating value for the end user consumer, Canadian organizations are forced to reduce costs and collaborate in better ways. This will reduce organization silos and will cause leaders to focus on consistent alignment between business units, vendors and partners.

For Technology and Consulting Firms who want to grow their market share, the key will be in:

  • Having multiple relationships within a customer organization AND
  • Demonstrating a different process in helping customers accomplish their goals

Base Relationships on Decision-Makers

Sponsors of the summit include CGI, Quartet Service, KPMG and Infor.

"CGI is committed to helping industrial organizations compete against leading global supply chains. We see Access Group's roundtable model as a way to hear candid information about burning challenges facing the industry and are prepared to help provide realistic solutions" said Daniel Ornstein of CGI.

"If your organization is dependent upon relationships with senior decision makers, and is looking for ways to increase sales, we have a unique opportunity which comes with a 100% money back guarantee," added Mr. Zaman. Please contact us if you wish to be seen as a leader and sponsor of this executive engagement."

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