SRED Tax Incentives -- Call to Action
November 14, 2007

SR&ED Tax Incentives -- Call to Action November 14, 2007
Exclusively for Canada's Research and Development Innovation Leaders

As part of the CATAAlliance's effort to support the Federal Government's effort to find ways to maximize the effectiveness of the incentives for your business, we are providing an SR&ED Discussion Paper, as a basis for executives to educate their MP's, local media and community on the benefits of the SR&ED Tax Incentive program.

++ Action Item: Please contact your local MP, media, and business community to provide them with a copy of the SR&ED Discussion Paper, including a letter of support and follow-up phone call.


Note also that your input can be incorporated though participation in SR&ED local meetings, one on one interviews that we will arrange or simply by sending us a Guidance note. Please contact to confirm your interest.