Public Safety and National Security also New Research Available
November 19, 2007

Public Safety and National Security – New Research Available

Exclusively for executives interested in a situational analysis of Canada’s First Responder Community for their organization’s business strategies


We have undertaken a Study to improve the understanding of the changing patterns in the scale, nature and spatial distribution of Canadian First Responder organizations, their use of and application of Information and Communications Technology, and then clarifying the significance and role that a newly revisioned Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC) could provide in working with Canadian First Responders.

A total of 144 Chiefs (or equivalent) from Fire, Police, Paramedic and Emergency Response Organizations responded to the study. This report provides an overview of the overall aggregate results, as well as some key comparative information to better understand the issues or needs unique to each First Responder.

++ Action Item: An advance copy of the 55 page Study entitled, “Keeping Canadians Safe - A Technology, Research and Development, and Emergency Preparedness Situational Analysis of Canadian First Responders.” can be obtained by contacting with First Responders in the Header. Please confirm your CATA membership to obtain our members’ research report discount.

Note that CATAAlliance will be shortly releasing the Study, in conjunction with a set of related projects and activities in the advanced security and public safety field, as part of its Innovation Nation Campaign.