Experts Agree: Leadership the Key to Creating Smart Community
December 1, 2011

Leadership, Infrastructure and Collaboration were the most important elements in becoming an Intelligent Community, say a team of 70 leaders from across Canada. Focusing on the specific things that needed to be done within the next two years, executives at the i-CANADA Summit came up with ten ideas for enhancing Leadership, and seven each for Infrastructure and Collaboration. The executives were gathered in Windsor Nov 16-17. The i-CANADA event has generally been acknowledged as the most significant advance to the Intelligent Community agenda that has been seen in Canada.

"I-CANADA is a program to help all communities in Canada transform themselves into "Intelligent Communities", where high-speed networking energizes social and business activities, leading to a sustainable, enjoyable and prosperous future," noted i-CANADA Co-Founder Barry Gander, EVP of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA).

Using the innovative collaborative decision-making tool Powernoodle, the executives were able to work as a group online to suggest ideas, and then vote and collaborate to put them into manageable categories, prioritize them, and create an agenda of actions to achieve results. A diverse group of representatives from municipalities, economic development organizations, various government bodies and the private sector from across Canada and Europe, the leaders agreed upon four key strategies that are needed to drive successful intelligent communities in the next two years. The most urgent need, according to the voters, is to "convince senior community leadership to make the goal a strategic priority with all the rights and privileges of that priority."

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Powernoodle CEO Deb Krizmanich, "We are honoured to be working with the i-CANADA movement as the collaborative tool of choice for intelligent community consultations across Canada. One of the ways i-CANADA is fuelling this movement is by using Powernoodle to drive accelerated, inclusive decision making. As an online application Powernoodle gives a voice to community stakeholders who might not otherwise be heard due to economic, social, or geographic barriers."

According to Kristina Verner, Research and Development Officer, Centre for Smart Community Innovation, University of Windsor, the event achieved its purpose as the launch-pad "to manage the swiftest transformation possible to an Intelligent Nation, where e-commerce, e-governance, e-creative, and e-citizenry, are harnessed to the cause of creating a prosperous and healthy society."

In addition to the online collaboration, the meeting brought together the Honourable David Alward, Premier of New Brunswick and Chair of the i-CANADA Council of Governors, Mayors, dozens of Economic Development Officers, industry executives, academia, and community leaders in Health Care, First Responder, Creative Arts, Productivity, Human Resources, and other stakeholder groups.

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About iCanada:
I-CANADA is backed by Canada’s largest high-tech organization, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA), and supported by Diamond Sponsors IBM and ING Direct along with a number of other sponsors. The i-CANADA Governors" Council, chaired by The Honourable David Alward, Premier of New Brunswick includes Mayors, CEOs of corporations and institutions and Premiers. The National Advisory Board is comprised of a broad cross section of leaders and experts in all areas of society with an interest and expertise in creating our New Digital Economy and supporting the evolution of Canada into one of the world’s leading Intelligent Nations. I-CANADA is backed by Canada’s largest high technology organization: the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance: Contact Barry Gander:

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Powernoodle is a web-based (SaaS) collaborative decision making tool that engages people to move ideas from brainstorm to action. Powernoodle is simple to learn, easy to use, cost-effective and provides a guided process for faster, better-informed decisions. Essential for leaders focused on the effectiveness of virtual teams, innovation, structured communication, diversity, collaboration, productivity and engagement. Contact Deborah Loosemore – 1-855-797-6353