Please join the Broadband for Public Safety Group to add to advanced security and services advocacy and critical updates. This is an open complimentary forum, linked to the CATA National Group, currently with 1500 members.
December 6, 2010

Please join the CATA Broadband for Public Safety Group to receive and add to advanced security news, advocacy and critical updates. This open complimentary forum is set up to help executives to connect, inform and inspire others to individual and organizational success.

Specifically, the Group is where professionals connect with peers, share knowledge and promote research at a virtual plaza for First Responders and the organizations that supply technologies and services to the sector. The Group advocates for a nationwide, public safety interoperable wireless broadband network in Canada.

Who Should Sign In?

Executives involved with the design, development and deployment of advanced security technologies and services,  Interoperability leaders & practitioners from  First-responder agencies (law enforcement, fire, paramedics, emergency managers), Other public safety providers (federal, provincial, territorial, municipal), Military & Coast Guard, Government agencies & utilities, Non-governmental organizations in the emergency response and humanitarian aid sphere, and Academic and Research institutions.

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Ps CATA is currently set up to reach more than 500 thousand executives through social and traditional channels, including extensive database outreach in Canada and into major international markets.