Social Impact Crowdfunding Platform Launches in New Brunswick to Fight Homelessness
December 10, 2012

(TORONTO, Dec 10th, 2012) -  Helix Commerce International Inc ( launched in Fredericton, NB, its market launch of, a new software and services platform to take advantage of the $2.3B market, growing at 300% annually to bring crowdfunding innovation capabilities to Canadians. The first crowdfunding social impact seed campaign, The Next 26, was launched in partnership with The Community Action Group on Homelessness. “By harnessing the power and potential of crowd funding, our goal is to leverage a community down-payment to end homelessness. We will raise $50,000 as seed funding toward the development of affordable rental housing in down town Fredericton based on the concept of Housing First.”   

An estimated 300,000 individuals experience homelessness every year in Canada at a cost of $4.5 billion dollars per year. An individual who is chronically homeless can consume upwards of $130,000 per year in emergency and institutional responses such as hospital stays and justice system interactions. Housing First reduces costs dramatically while improving housing stability and health outcomes.

"We invested in launching our new CrowdFundChoice offering in Fredericton, NB for 3 key reasons, says Dr Cindy Gordon, CEO Helix Commerce 1.) Fredericton has a vibrant community passionate about innovation and they are leaders in striving to create a more intelligent Canada (see, 2.) Their government and political leaders are attune to the importance of  leveraging alternative funding models like crowdfunding to strengthen community DNA, and 3.) Interest in legalizing equity crowdfunding is very high in NB. Plus, NB's cultural fabric is very rich in social connectedness, precious ingredients for economic growth. We rolled this project out in 6 weeks with resources from USA, Toronto + Fredericton - truly a virtual project evidenced by iterative agile scrumming to achieve the beta to commercialization speed we experienced.

The project was fuelled with innovation vision by local Fredericton entrepreneur Gary Stairs CEO Stellar Learning Strategies and member CATAAlliance National Leadership Council; "I wanted to find an opportunity for us to seek innovation to help shine a light for Canadians to learn from crowdfunding in a region that is keen to adopt new social media and finance approaches to doing business. I was confident that seed innovation in Helix's hands in our region would help us secure a window to learn from. The speed this project came together was an incredible roller coaster but this is how fast Canadians need to move at to bring new solutions to market. We must think now in shorter high intensity bursts to compete."

According to John Reid, CATA President, "We are thrilled to see Helix launch CrowdFundChoice into the NB market, this is the right one market for rapid emergence. Dr. Gordon is a long standing community leader and Board Director of CATA, having co-founded CATA WIT advancing support for women to have careers in technology, but she also chairs our National Advocacy efforts to help legalize crowdfunding for Canadians. In addition to this role, she is the Vice Chair of iCANADA, striving to help create a more intelligent nation. Having another seed crowdfunding organization germinating in Canada can help us learn from our efforts to increase our collective connectedness. Launching the first campaign on homelessness, a major issue facing many Canadians, can only help make our country stronger. We would like to encourage our CATA members to visit and make a donation to NEXT 26. Homelessness is a serious issue for Canadians to fight."

About CrowdFundChoice is a new software and services offering in a new division of Helix Commerce International Inc. Its business will service all forms of crowdfunding, social impact, entrepreneurs, education and the environment. The Founder of CrowdFundChoice, Dr. Cindy Gordon, is also the National Chair of Invest Crowdfund Canada, a community of entrepreneurs and stakeholders who encourage the establishment of an Investment Crowdfunding system across Canada, which is part of i-Canada and supported by CATA – The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance, IT World Canada, CfPA, the international crowdfunding Association, and Helix Commerce International Inc. See for more information. The NEXT 26 seed program is in collaboration with Stellar Learning ( 

About Community Action Group (CAGH) 

The Community Action Group on Homelessness is a Fredericton based Network of Community Leaders Working Collaboratively to end Homelessness. 

About CATA  

The largest high-tech association in Canada, CATAAlliance matches businesses with opportunities across almost every sector, so that we can all do business together.

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