Building A Global Brand For Canada
December 13, 2006

Also more information below on:

  • Participation in Upcoming Summits in your Region
  • Conference call with Gartner regarding Canadian Pavillion at DallasOutsourcing Summit
  • Steering Committee to create an online Canadian sourcing community ofpractice

A summary report of the discussions, outcomes, and actions resulting from the Advantage Canada Summit held this past November in Halifax has been released today by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance).

The report provides a comprehensive summary The Advantage Canada Summit: a full-day forum that brought together a Pan-Canadian assembly of recognized public, private, academic and labour leaders to develop a Canadian Brand: a defining statement that clearly describes Canada's value proposition as a global sourcing destination of choice and differentiates the Country from competing Nations. More information on the Halifax Summit is available here:

The report reveals:

  • Summit Overview i.e. format, attendees, discussion leaders
  • Summary of Key Issues
  • Detailed Panel and Audience Insights & Working Group Outcomes
  • Regional Profile of Atlantic Canada Sourcing Advantages
  • Current State of "Brand Canada"
  • Strategies for Building the Canadian Brand
  • Summit Action Items

To receive your complimentary copy of this report, please complete the following online form.

Pre-Register for Future Advantage Canada Summits

As mandated to the CATAAlliance at the Halifax Summit, similar Summits are currently planned to take place in the following cities before April 2007.

  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Regina
  • Calgary
  • Vancouver

The Summits require the participation of dedicated leaders in brand and business development with an understanding of the advantages their region and the nation provides in its ability to provide world-class, global sourcing solutions.

You may pre-register your interest in participating at a Summit in your area when registering for the Halifax Summit report.

Canadian Pavilion at Gartner Outsourcing Summit - Dallas 2007

As recently announced, the CATAAlliance is organizing a series of initiatives to brand Canada as a major and unified nearshore sourcing provider through a partnership arrangement with Gartner.

We are inviting your participation at our launch event, the Gartner Outsourcing Summit (March 19-21, 2007, Dallas Texas).

A teleconference call is scheduled to take place on December 19th at 11 a.m. EST between Gartner event organizers and prospects interested in participating in the Dallas Summit.

More information, including how to register your interest in participating, is available here:

Online Community of Practice Steering Committee

Again as mandated to CATAAlliance at the Halifax Summit, participants identified the need to create an Online Community of Practice for outsource providers, knowledge leaders and government stakeholders to interact, and which should serve as a gateway to those seeking Canadian sourcing expertise.

This site - described by Summit attendees as needing to become the NASSCOM ( for Canadian ICT - will require the participation of private, public and academic stakeholders to help establish the vision and provide a detailed framework for the creation of this online portal.

Those interested in volunteering on this Steering Committee should contact Kevin Wennekes, VP Research, before January 15, 2007 at