An Invitation from CATA CEO John Reid to federal Civil Servants to participate in a Canadian Government Roundtable – Enable the Emerging Workforce: Register your interest today (February 9th Roundtable)
December 14, 2011


 Date: 12/12/2011

Attn: Officials in Federal Ministries & Agencies
From: John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance
Re: Canadian Government Roundtable – Enable the Emerging Workforce

        Please Confirm Your Interest in Participating (February 9th Roundtable)

 Dear Executives in the Public Service

"Culture is the lifeblood of improvement and innovation. Culture, like high-octane fuel, is necessary to add life and power to your quest for World Class performance. How do we attract and retain talent in today’s and tomorrow’s civil service to enable world class performance in achieving their missions?"

We believe strongly in the importance of addressing the issues and concerns raised by the above quote as part of Canada becoming a leading Innovation Nation.

To help gain insights please join the University of Ottawa, One Million Acts of Innovations and CATAAlliance and our sponsors as our guest on February 9th from 7:30 am to 12 pm for a peer-to-peer Roundtable conversation. (University of Ottawa at the Telfer School of Business, 55 Laurier Avenue East, Room 4104, Desmarais Building).

The Roundtable will address three key questions: What is the work culture that can best attract and retain talent?  How can government enable the emerging work force? What technologies/policies and new ways of thinking and operating could make a difference?
The session begins with 2 live focus groups:  the First will be with younger students asking them what does the government need to do for them to apply and think about the government as a place to work at? The Second will be with newly landed immigrants looking at what needs to change for them to think about Government of Canada as a career opportunity?
Following the focus groups, civil servants participating will be asked to join the conversation and to come up with workable solutions that they would be willing to share within their individual departments.
Participants will leave with:  Having had the opportunity to interact with focus group participants, asking them questions relevant to their own departments; and, meeting new colleagues from other government agencies who are working on common sense solutions related to their current situation.

 ++ Action Requested:

Please register at or call us at 1+416+489+9541 or email CATA CEO, John Reid at with "Enabling the Emerging Workforce" in the subject line.