My Customer - My Innovator Research Guide Now Available
December 19, 2006

My Customer - My Innovator Guide Provides Canadian Businesses Strategic Insight

Now Available to CATAAlliance members

Ottawa, December 19, 2006… Customer co-innovation sounds like the kind of high-minded concept that certain well known business schools are fond of publishing articles about. However, co-innovation takes place in the trenches with customer and supplier working side by side towards a common goal. Ultimately, it is about putting smart people together and removing the barriers to innovation. Have you figured out the right balance to create value for the customer while driving growth in revenues and profits for the supplier?

The newly published My Customer – My Innovator will assist you in assessing the customer co-innovation model. It draws on the thought leadership of 62 Canadian executives (e.g., from CGI, MMC, Bell Canada, Intel, Alcatel, MTS Allstream, Rogers, Ceridian, Teradata, IBM Global Services etc.,) who in a unique interactive format addressed the why and the how of co-innovating with your customer.

The Guide is in the form of a 10 page Executive Briefing, and is ideally suited for CEO’s who can engage their team in corporate brainstorming on how to address the dynamics of My Customer – My Innovator. It covers several major themes:

· The New Frontier: Discovering the new centre of the universe; Exploring the new world order; Succeeding as a co-adventurer; and Millenials: guides to the new frontier

· Side Trips: Understand your customer; Six steps to being innovative; and, Keeping services valuable

· The Sextant: Summary and conclusions for co-innovating adventurers

We gratefully acknowledge the leadership of the Access Group, the Knowledge Media Design Institute – University of Toronto, Whetstone Inc., the Pearson Group of Companies, the Results Source and the Technology Marketing Resource Centre for their sponsorship support of the My Customer – My Innovator Roundtable.

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To receive your copy of the My Customer - My Innovator, please contact CATA’s President John Reid at For CATA members only and the media.

Also note if you wish to receive Bonus Research now available providing the coordinates of 174 Canadian incubators [technical & / or business].