Innovation Nation Gets Advocacy Boost: New Executive in Residence to Help Advance Agenda: Dr. Sorin Cohn
December 20, 2010

Please review the resume of Dr. Sorin Cohn, who is joining the CATA Team, as an Executive in Residence. Dr. Cohn’s immediate focus will be on Innovation Nation issues in the areas of Broadband, Mobility and Commercialization.

About Dr. Sorin Cohn

Dr. Sorin Cohn has extensive international management, business & technology experience having been involved in most facets of “innovation development”: from idea to implementation plan and team, from product to market success on the global stage.  He is a management consultant on matters of strategic planning, organization, business and market channel development as well as marketing & communications.  Recently, Sorin consulted and acted as interim executive with companies in Canada (Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver) and USA (North Carolina, New York and New Jersey).

Previously, he was Managing Director Europe, Middle East and Africa for Terawave – a California optical access company, getting them into the huge fiber-to-the-home markets of France Telecom and Telefonica among others. Earlier, as Co-founder and President Global Portfolio of OrbitIQ – a global business accelerator, Sorin has been working with technology companies in North America, Europe and Israel to build their market strength in new territories. In 2000 he founded and operated as CTO of Wireless Multimedia Solutions in North Carolina.

Prior to 2000, Sorin held executive positions in business and product line management in Nortel Networks, where he built several major industry alliances with partners in USA, Japan, Europe and Canada and then led to the creation of significant new lines of business and products in wireless networks and ICT enterprise systems. Before that, Sorin was Director for Exploratory Programs at BNR coordinating research at labs in Ottawa, Mountain View, Ann Arbor, Montreal, Toronto, Dallas, UK and France. He initiated the Behavioural Technology Laboratories and managed the development of several world first products and services. He has several essential patents in web services, wireless and digital signal processing, as well as over 70 publications and conference presentations.

In parallel, during the 80’s, Dr. Cohn has been Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa. A Killam Scholar, he received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, an M.Sc in Physics and a Dipl.Eng. in Engineering Physics and received formal training and hands-on experience in all aspects of business administration and marketing. He has published extensively on a variety of topics and has organized sessions and presented at countless world conferences and industry events.

Sorin is a strategic problem solver focused on optimal solutions that meet major stakeholder requirements, with a focus on the sustainable development of innovative companies in today’s global village. He is one of the contributors to “The Entrepreneurial Effect” – the recent book of management ideas by the “Ottawa virtual board of advisors”.

Sorin is working with Financial/Government agencies and up-and-coming companies to develop astute strategies and results-oriented implementation plans leading to accelerated development and corporate growth, with particular emphasis on better environment/market understanding for corporate positioning, high-impact marketing and communications, determinant IPR, effective team structure and spirit, and strategic partnerships.

CATA National Spokesperson, Sir Terence Mathews, also CEO of Wesley Clover, said, "We are delighted to have an executives of the stature of Dr. Cohn on the Innovation Nation team and look forward to his leadership in helping advance the mission."