Take the SR&ED Poll Today: Russ Roberts, Sr. VP, Tax and Finance, CATAAlliance
December 21, 2009

CATAAlliance Memo


Attn: Companies Conducting R&D in Canada

From: Russ Roberts, Sr. VP, Tax & Finance, CATAAlliance


Re: Take the SR&ED Poll Today



If you set your company's product development strategy, including SR&ED applications, then please take thirty seconds to answer the CATA SR&ED Poll.


It’s another part of our SR&ED advocacy, to ensure that the program is effective and efficiently delivered to the community.


As well, if you are encountering any difficulties or have guidance to provide on how to improve Canada’s SR&ED program, then I am available to assist. Simply send an email requesting a consultation.


Yours sincerely

Russ Roberts,

Sr. VP CATAAlliance

"Russ Roberts" sredcomment@cata.ca