Bryce Evans

A/ Staff Superintendent, Toronto Police Service

A/Staff Superintendent Bryce Evans has been a law enforcement officer for the past 35 years. He began his career in the United States before moving to Canada.

The majority of his policing career has focused on investigative positions with the Homicide Squad, Hold-Up Squad, Investigative Support Squad and Professional Standards. As a senior officer, his portfolios include: Professional Standards, Community Safety Command, Court Services, Financial Crimes / Asset Forfeiture Unit and Detective Operations


With his promotion to Superintendent and the organizational changes to the Toronto Police Service, Bryce became the Unit Commander of the newly formed Specialized Criminal Investigations, which includes the Homicide Squad, Hold-Up Squad, Sex Crimes and Forensic Identification.

Since April 2015, he has been the A/Staff Superintendent in charge of Detective Operations.

Previously, Bryce was the designated senior officer lead of the Toronto Police Service Pilot Project 'Operation Reboot' whose mandate was to review technical vulnerabilities to the service, the services present investigated methods related to cyber-crime offences, technology available to law enforcement, and develop best practices in cyber investigations. One of the recommendations in the final report supported that the Toronto Police Service created an investigative Cybercrime Unit named 'C3' which is now housed in the Intelligence Bureau


Bryce is trained and qualified as a designated Incident Commander responsible for managing large scale unique events or incidents involving multiple resources and support activities in a multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional emergency response.

He has acquired the CBRNE Unified Command qualifications to be member of a multi-jurisdictional management team responding to a major emergency incident involving chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear and explosives within the City of Toronto.

In addition, Bryce is a Public Order Commander having met the qualifications and training requirements as defined within the Qualification of Adequacy Standards set by the Province of Ontario.

All of his training qualifications were received from the Canadian Emergency Management College, the Justice Institute of British Columbia, the RCMP - Technical and Protective Operations Facility (TPOF), the Provincial Police Academy and the Toronto Fire Training Centre.