Frank Skubic

Detective Sergeant (Case Manager), Toronto Police Service

Detective Sergeant Frank Skubic was born and raised in Toronto. He has served as a Police Officer for over 32 years. His career began in Etobicoke where he performed duties in Uniform Response, Youth Services and the Criminal Investigation Bureau. It was Detective Sergeants Skubic's keen interest in the investigation of major cases and demonstrated technical skills that resulted in his secondment in 1994 to the Homicide Squad to assist with the investigation and prosecution of Clinton Junior Gayle charged with and since convicted of the First Degree Murder of Toronto Police Constable Todd Baylis.

When promoted to the rank of Detective he was transferred to 51 Division, an inner city police division in downtown Toronto where he worked in the Criminal Investigation Bureau.

In 1999, Detective Sergeant Skubic was transferred to the Homicide Squad as a full member. Detective Sergeant SKUBIC became involved in a number of high profile homicide investigations.

In 2005, Detective Sergeant Skubic transferred to Intelligence Services where he was the Officer in Charge of the Research and Analysis Section with a staff of 25 Analysts and Researchers. During that time he oversaw the GangNet Project, was a member of Criminal Investigation Services of Ontario, and lectured on criminal street gangs in Toronto, Niagara Falls and Timmins. He himself has training in Strategic and Tactical Intelligence Analysis, and is qualified by the Province of Ontario as a Multi Jurisdictional Major Case Manager.

In 2007, Detective Sergeant Skubic returned to the Homicide Squad. He has accumulated over 14 years of Homicide experience. He has been the lead investigator of over 42 murder cases and has assisted with over 100 other murder and suspicious death files. He was the lead investigator in the “Web Cam Killer Case,” the investigation, arrest, and successful prosecution of Brian Dickson for the murder of York University student Qian “Necole” Liu.

Detective Sergeant Skubic showed leadership and innovation when he established the Homicide Squad presence on the Internet by creating and maintaining a website before an official Toronto Police Website existed. Since that time, he has worked with the webmaster in creating an interactive web site on the official Toronto Police Service website and more recently has led the drive to establishing the Toronto Police Service Homicide Squad Social Media accounts.

Detective Sergeant Skubic is currently assigned as the Executive Officer to the Staff Superintendent of Detective Operations for the Toronto Police Service, a pillar of the Organization that encompasses all Specialized Criminal Investigative units including the Forensic Identification Services.

On August 24th, 2015, Detective Sergeant Skubic was assigned as Case Manager for Project Unicorn, the investigation of the unauthorized access to and theft of data from the Ashley Madison website in Toronto, the focus of his presentation at the National Policing Cybercrime Summit.