Joseph Yuhasz

Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigations

Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Economics / math. Worked as a Systems Engineer for Westinghouse Corporation prior to entering the FBI and helped design, implement, and maintain their corporate networks. Earned a MCP.

In 1999, joined the FBI and was transferred to the Norfolk field office and became the first Cyber agent in that Division’s history. Case successes include the first Cyber conviction in that area of th+-e Eastern District of Virginia and the first successful phishing case in the U.S. Founded the InfraGard Virginia chapter. Was an active member of the Norfolk SWAT team as an assaulter and sniper. Became undercover certified and participated in several major undercover operations.

In 2006, took a Supervisor Special Agent position at the NCFTA (CIRFU) in Pittsburgh, PA. Helped implement the Cyber Task Force in Bucharest, Romania in 2007. Currently focus on Transnational Criminal Enterprises engaging in Cyber crime.