Remco Ruiter

Dutch Banking & Finance Liaison Officer, Dutch National Cyber Security Center;
and Information Security Officer, Rabobank Group

In response to massive cyber-attacks on banks in 2013, the Dutch ministers of Finance and of Safety and Justice decide government on cyber security. Remco, who works as an Information Security Officer for Rabobank Group, was appointed as a liaison officer on behalf of all Dutch banks and works at the National Cyber Security Center. In a public/private team of cyber specialist, Remco keeps information flowing between the government, the banks and several other parts of the Dutch critical infrastructure. Besides his role at the National Cyber Security Center, Remco is also part of the Dutch National Polices Electronic Crime Task Force. This is a partnership consisting of specialists from the national prosecutors office, police detectives from Team High Tech Crime and anti-fraude specialist from the largest Dutch banks. Together they investigate and solve cyber-crime cases targeted at banks and their clients.